“I help women and couples unpack, digest and understand the impact of their nutrition choices leading up to and during pregnancy so that they can develop healthy habits that will benefit their own health and the health of their growing families.”

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Meet Sonia Malczyk

I am a Canadian Registered Dietitian (RD) based in Cape Town, South Africa enthusiastic about all things related to food and nutrition. I believe that early life nutrition (the period of time from pre-conception through to toddlerhood) is an incredible opportunity to craft a healthy lifestyle that will benefit not only you, but your growing family. While pre-conception and pregnancy are both times of many physiological changes, they are also an amazing chance to make healthy shifts in nutrition habits.

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Complete Nutrition Assessment

A comprehensive review of your medical history, current dietary intake, dietary patterns, recent blood lab values, supplements, and medications.

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Fertility Boost Program

The "Fertility Boost” program is an in-depth look at how you can make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to improve your pre-conception health.

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Best Start Prenatal Nutrition

An 8-week program to give your baby their best possible start and create sustainable lifestyle shifts that benefit you and your growing family.

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