Best start prenatal nutrition program

Give your baby their best possible start to life.

The “Best Start Prenatal Nutrition” program will cover all you need to know about great nutrition during pregnancy.

A practical and individualized approach to having a healthy pregnancy:

  • The First 1000 Days – learn how prenatal nutrition will impact baby’s future health
  • Implement nutrition health habits during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Develop sustainable dietary habits that will impact you and your growing family
  • Feel confident about which foods are best and safe to include during pregnancy

  • Gain the tools that you need to manage your prenatal side effects
  • Understand which foods and nutrients are most important to include by trimester
  • Recognize nutrition habits that will help your baby develop a strong immune system
  • Learn dietary strategies that will help to optimize your baby’s neurodevelopment

The Stir Health 8-week signature program covers food safety during pregnancy, the prevention and management of prenatal side effects, nutrition targets by trimester, baby’s immune development, the prevention of allergies, baby’s neurodevelopment, and the prevention of chronic disease in both mom and baby.

What’s inside the program:


The prevention and management of side effects

o Nausea/vomiting
o Constipation
o Heartburn
o Urinary tract infections


Food safety during pregnancy

o Listeria
o Foods to avoid
o Pregnancy-safe beverages


Nutrition targets by trimester

o Trimester 1
o Trimester 2
o Trimester 3


Baby’s immune development

o Optimizing the maternal gut microbiome
o Managing inflammation
o Preventing allergies


Baby’s neurodevelopment

o Understanding the glycemic index
o Choosing safe sources of omega-3 fatty acids


Prevention of chronic disease

o Preventing fussy eating
o Preventing obesity and chronic disease

WEEKS 7 & 8:

These consults are left open for once you’ve completed the 6-weeks of the program, and are scheduled monthly to keep you on track. They can be scheduled for later in pregnancy or postpartum and will cover additional topics from your selections made in the Stir Health 'Program Menu'.


Each week of the program includes a protocol with notes, factsheets, and food / lifestyle recommendations. These protocols are introduced during your one-on-one consultations (either in-person or virtual) and adapted to meet your requirements and goals.

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15+ Bonus resources to give you the tools that you need to have to give your baby the best possible start to life, including:

General, gestational diabetes, multiple pregnancy, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan

Fibre, choline, iron, and more.

Prenatal side effects, foods to avoid, pre- and probiotics, etc.

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