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I am a Registered Dietitian (Canada) certified in fertility and prenatal nutrition, with a private practice that focuses on early life nutrition. Originally from the West Coast of Canada, I now call Cape Town home and my physical practice is based on a small farm in Noordhoek. I offer both in-person and virtual consults to clients depending on their preference and location. My expertise lies in supporting women and couples to prepare for conception, manage existing health conditions, calculate dietary requirements, give personalised advice on supplements, provide support through pre-conception and pregnancy, treat side effects, decrease the risk of prenatal complications, optimise baby’s future health outcomes, de-bunk nutrition myths, and decrease confusion.

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I’m passionate about all things food and nutrition

Nutrition during the first one thousand days (from pre-conception until your baby turns two) benefits both your baby and you. Eating well during this period is important to assist with preparing your body for conception, managing emotions, easing clinical symptoms, managing fatigue, and alleviating other symptoms that you may be experiencing. It will also give your baby their best possible start, as the foods that you eat during pre-conception and pregnancy can influence their brain development, immune system, and health for the rest of their life.

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For the past few years, I have worked with private clients and nutrition-based research studies with the University of Cape Town. In my research work, I’ve both managed and consulted on projects related to the dietary intake of South African children, the inflammatory potential of the diet, adolescent obesity, the maternal gut microbiome, and obesity in pregnancy.

Although research has been an incredible foundation for my evidence-based practice, my true passion lies in sharing the power of nutrition knowledge. Currently, this includes coaching private clients looking for nutrition advice during pregnancy and offering nutrition support and guidance to members of the Cape Town-based organization Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH).

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Research Work

  • Provincial Dietitian: South African 2018 Provincial Dietary Intake Study
  • Research Facilitator: ‘CO-CREATE’ Adolescent Obesity Project
  • Research Consultant: ‘ORCHID’ Pregnancy, Obesity and HIV Study
  • Study Coordinator: The Western Cape Stunting Baseline Survey
  • Research Consultant: ‘MaMISA’ Maternal Gut Microbiome Study


Founder of Stir Health, offering both pre-conception and prenatal guidance and support to women, couples, and caregivers.

Member and Dietitian at the Early Life Nutrition Alliance, specialising in fertility nutrition, prenatal nutrition, and chronic low-grade inflammation.

Nutrition consultant within the Department of Physiological Sciences and the School of Public Health and Family Medicine.